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Cigarette packs should cost you less than a dollar. If a carton costs you more than ten dollars, you’re paying too much.

Shredding your own is easy—and make your own is easy too. 

What we do is to sell the blended strips of tobacco, the empty tubes, the machines to put them together, and the shredders to turn the blended strips into the finest smoking tobacco you’ve ever tasted.




Our artfully blended selections guarantee an unparalleled smoking experience. These blends are exclusively available as blended strips. 

By shredding your own tobacco, you can smoke superior tobacco at a reasonable price.

SHredding made


Using a highly developed cutting design, our shredders will handle your tobacco with ease. The Mach 1 Electric shredder boasts an impressive rate of a 1 lb/minute shred time. The resulting product is a perfect ribbon cut, something unattainable with any other tobacco shredder out there.


As the developers of one of the first true home use automatic rolling machine, we know how to spot quality machines.

We carry that original machine, the "REVOLUTION", as well as the complete POWERMATIC line. The crown jewel is the Powermatic III, which is the best cigarette injector ever invented.

Have additional questions? Call us at 800-243-2737 to speak to a tobaccanist, or look through our 


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