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All-Natural and Additive Free

Our tobacco blends are comprised of three different types of tobacco. Each affect either taste, body, or the aromatics of each smoke. By blending the three, you get a balanced, savory experience.

In addition to our blending process, we only use all natural tobacco. No additives or preservatives.


Each blend is unmanufactured, so you know you're getting the best smoke around.

Just as Starbucks grinds its coffee beans in the store to make a better cup of coffee, you can ensure freshness and increase your smoking pleasure by shredding your own tobacco leaves. 

We sell UNMANUFACTURED Blended Strips to most people.
Shredding your own tobacco achieves a couple things:
1. Less excise taxes.
By shredding and rolling your own, you can smoke better cigarettes for less money.

2. Ensures the freshest tobacco

You'll reduce the amount of dust, or "offal" that you find at the bottom of your bag. That dust often leads to imperfections in a smoke and cherries falling off the end.

Additionally, sometimes blends will try to hide low quality tobacco in pre-shredded tobacco. With ours, you can see each leaf before it's shredded so you know you're getting the best. 

We also sell some shredded pipe tobacco. Look for Natural Harvest Red Ribbon or Natural Harvest Blue Ribbon.





With the Mach 1 Electric Tobacco shredder, or the Mach 1 Manual hand shredder, preparing your own tobacco is quick and easy. The Mach 1Electric can shred a pound a minute, and both result in a quality ribbon cut that is preferred for all Powermatic Cigarette injectors.

We sell everything you need to get started

The Full Flavor Natural American Blend is a combination of Flue-cured (Virginia), Burley, & Oriental tobacco leaves. This is just natural tobacco without chemical additives. It is premium tobacco. The mid-rib stem of the tobacco leaf has been removed.

This blend is made from the same tobacco leaves as the Full Flavor (Red Ribbon) American Blend but in a different combination. The difference with this blend is in the impact and strength of the smoke. The Blue Ribbon blend of leaves is a less full bodied taste with a more tempered flavor than the Red Ribbon blend. 

The Natural Virginia Blend is an English Blend. The terms are interchangeable. The English prefer an all Flue-cured (Virginia) & Oriental blend over an American Blend (which also includes Burley). The Natural Virginia blend is for the smoker who prefers a traditional "old world smoke".

Our Natural Turkish Blend is an exotic change of pace over other choices. Natural Turkish Blend is a departure from the mainstream smoking experiences available today. This is a distinctly different blend of tobacco. It has unique taste characteristics, yet has the same impact & cleanliness of taste as the other blends.

The best flue-cured and burly tobaccos in the world are grown in the United States. American growers in the Southeastern States use the most advanced agricultural equipment, technology and methods available.

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