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Billy House  December 23, 2021

I ordered a rolling machine and was super fast shipping ! Arrived earlier than expected! Once opening the box they put bubble wrap around it and very nice brochures in with ! Very happy customer and would recommend to anyone ! I know my next purchase will be with these kind folks ! Thank you for a pleasant experience!

Ken Shelton   December 23, 2021


I wouldn't even consider doing my business with anyone else !Fast, friendly ,courteous and eager to please !

 Karen Roach                December 21, 2021


Great Service - immediate shipping! Great products!

Tom Thomas   Dec 03, 2021

I’ve been business with this company for over 13 years. They are the greatest, no matter what comes up they are there for you. If your thinking about getting Tabacco without chemicals this is the place! Give them a call I guarantee you’ll find the experience worth it!

Freddy Gomez   Aug 16, 2019

Ordered a powermatic 3. The people I dealt with were very friendly and honest. I would definitely recommend this company and I received my package very fast. Thank you for a very smooth transaction.

paul barabash   Apr 20, 2019

The mach 1 shredder does a fine job and the revolution cigarette machine is awesome. shipping was relatively quick considering it came through canadian border. completely satisfied, good customer service with quick replies.

I have recently started ordering my tobacco from leaves and shredders. The people there are always really friendly and helpful. I ordered the elegant tobacco ( was reluctant due to price and large quantity) I must say, I was not disappointed I love it and highly recommend it. It’s worth the extra money! I will order it again

    Candy Kilgore
Mar 06, 2022

Bryce Knoll   Jul 09, 2019

I inherited a natural harvest machine about a year ago. It was well used to say the least. It worked well enough to get me into rolling my own. I ordered the shredder and tobacco and was hooked on the quality. I sent my machine in for an overhaul, I didn't know it could work so good. Thank you natural harvest and Leaves and Shredders

 William Cross   Apr 19, 2019

I ordered the tobacco about 5 months ago. My other one burnt up. The other place has some but was out of stock. So I found this place. Wonderful shredder I. may add. At the time I had plenty of tobacco form the other place. I ran out, so this time I decided to give this place a shot. And so glad I did. Fast shipping. Tobacco looks and smells really good. They put a nice little book and a awesome mug. Everything is so neatly packed. They definitely have my business for now on. I'm very impressed.

David Senger   Dec 17, 2019

Thank you for the loyalty bag

 David Ashlock   Jul 03, 2019

Received my power matic 3, like so far made 170 so far no issues. Wish had gotten on sooner . Thanks for your prompt service received within 5 days

 Bryce Knoll   Apr 19, 2019

I have been using the natural harvest Machine for a year and have finally bought the shredder and all. Everything works great , I'm really impressed. Their customer service is outstanding, they have taken care of any questions very quickly and kindly. Thanks for the great equipment.

 Christina Rushton   Jun 28, 2019

Awesome machine! Rolls perfect every time.

charles york   Apr 07, 2019

Just Perfect and fast shipping on my powermatic 3. Thanks Evan for being so HONEST !! God Bless Our Troops and All of You !! Charlie York

 Pamela Crowe   Nov 04, 2019

Excellent Seller with great communication. Super fast shipping and delivery. Can't go wrong ordering from here...

 Charles Peterson   Jun 06, 2019

Best machine ever. I absolutely love it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED seller. Great communication.

 Aaron   Mar 31, 2019

Awesome Awesome. Awesome

 Darlene White   Oct 04, 2019

Great machine, they got it sent to me as fast as they could. Kept me informed about when it would be sent and again when they shipped . I love my new cigarette rolling machine, so much faster. Thanks again Leaves and Shredders. Will define order from them again!

 Joseph Swider   Jun 05, 2019

Your Mach 1 tobacco shredder is flawless. The very best. The ELEGANT tobacco leaves are the absolute best available. Perfect.

 Wes Slimmer   Mar 30, 2019

Shipping was faster than expected ... And received in prestige condition. Thanks

 Joseph Swider   Jun 05, 2019

I just rolled a few smokes up with your fine ELEGANT tobacco on my new Powermatic three machine. the tobacco and machine are perfect. This is a really great product. A perfect smoke every time. Thank you

 Lucian Z   Mar 19, 2019

I tried them all but Powermatic 3 is the best cigarette machine on the market. Once I figured out the best humidity (16-18%), it never jams, so there is no waste of tobacco or tubes. Excellent services from Leaves and Shredders!

Luis Carrillo   Sep 17, 2019

Great people to work with AAA+++ Highly recommended!!!

                        May 31, 2019

Great customer service!!!!! Marilyn was informative and wonderful to talk to!!!!!

 Lucian Z   Mar 19, 2019

I tried them all but Powermatic 3 is the best cigarette machine on the market. Once I figured out the best humidity (16-18%), it never jams, so there is no waste of tobacco or tubes. Excellent services from Leaves and Shredders!

 Steven Rampino   Sep 13, 2019

Great service. Great product, best tobacco I’ve had after many years of making my own.

 Gilberto Flores   May 14, 2019

No complaints just happiness smoking the best tobacco from the best company on business,very helpful and understanding. Thanks a million!

 Eric S   Mar 06, 2019

This was easy. Order my PM 3, they sent it no problems. I received pretty quick seeing I live on east coast and now I’m enjoying a smoke and a beer.

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