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The tobaccos we sell are a blend of all natural Burley, Flue Cured, and Turkish Tobaccos. Different varieties of seeds are planted to grow different types of tobacco. Burley is typically grown in Kentucky and Virginia, Flu-cured in North & South Carolina, and Turkish tobacco in Greece and Turkey.


High quality tobacco, regardless of variety. should exhibit consistent taste characteristics with little or no aftertaste. The varieties should be combined to produce a pleasantly balanced and flavorful smoking experience.

We are trying to build an appreciation for fine tobacco as the wine growers have built an appreciation for fine wines. Cigarettes made from our tobaccos are meant to be savored and enjoyed, not burned in ten puffs to get a nicotine fix.

Our Tobaccos are a "fresh out of the field" product, much like fresh basil or freshly picked Roma tomatoes. There are no chemicals or preservatives. We expect there ought to be an increased interest in natural tobacco as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) delves into what is in most manufactured cigarettes.

Creating a mellow smoke requires the proper selection of tobacco. It also requires blending these tobacco leaves together in proper proportions. Cigarettes that create smoking satisfaction are the result of the combination of tobacco varieties in appropriate quantities. The abilities and experience of the person who selects the tobacco leaves and then combines them in these quantities is vital. There are very few Master Tobacco Blenders and we are fortunate to have found one of the best.

Here are a few of the traits and characteristics that will educate you and help you find and smoke only the best tobaccos. Click the following links to learn more!

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