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Electric Rollers

Electric Rollers

The Revolution


Possibly the first true automatic rolling machine to have entered the market. The Revolution has been rolling for customers since May 2006. With interchangeable parts, this is truly a hardy machine.


Comes with a lifetime warranty for our tobacco customers.

 Here is a great video on how easy it is to clean  


Powermatic III+

Powermatic II plus


Check out the Powermatic III+, the latest and greatest machine from ZICO! This king sized roller can make a pack in less than two minutes. Just add in the tobacco, place a tube on, and press the start button. By far the easiest and best way to craft your own cigarettes. Comes with 1 year Manufacturers Warranty.

The Electric Crank Injector

Automatic injection process | "Spoon style" tobacco injector | Electronic jam protection | Make regular and 100mm cigarettes

Comes with 1 year Manufacturers Warranty

Here is a great comparison video between the Powermatic II and Powermatic III 

Manual Machines

Manual Machines

Powermatic MINI


A compact, low cost, portable manual MYO machine.

The same mechanism from the Powermatic II, but with manual operation!

Great for on the go!


Powermatic I50


All metal construction in the frame of the 150 keeps the machine rigid and greatly reduces the likelihood of jams.Now perfecting the manual cigarette injection process. In one fluid motion, the Powermatic 150 packs, injects, and dispenses precision packed cigarettes.


Powermatic I


By the same makers of the ever popular Powermatic 2 comes the new Powermatic 1. Now perfecting the manual cigarette injection process. In one fluid motion, the Powermatic I packs, injects, and dispenses precision packed cigarettes. Portable. This is the new model with the improved gearing.

Tobacco Shredders

Tobacco Shredders

Mach1 Powered Shredder

The easiest and fastest tobacco shredder to be found. It'll shred a pound a minute, saving you time and money!


Hand Shredder

A heavy duty, 14 pound hand shredder. Turn the crank and turn tobacco leaves into shredded tobacco. 

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