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The Revolution

The Revolution


In 1998 we decided that the world needed an electric home appliance that would make cigarettes. An electric cigarette machine would free smokers from dependence on factory made cigarettes that contained chemical additives and reconstituted tobacco. Our requirements for an electric cigarette machine were:

The machine needed to make good, safe cigarettes. The only electric cigarette machine on the market at the time made cigarettes that created an unsafe ash and burned the smoker’s clothes*

It must make a pack of perfect cigarettes in less than two minutes.

The machine must cost a reasonable amount of money in relation to the savings produced by making cigarettes on the machine.

It must operate reliably over an extended period of time.

It could be operated by almost anyone with ease.

It took us eight years to develop, patent, perfect, and produce the Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine, now known as The Revolution Cigarette Machine. Smokers tell us that the final product meets our requirements. Note this testimonial by one of our customers:

“I cannot believe how extremely well, and on the money, and I can’t forget how FAST this machine spits out perfectly packed cigarettes. It produces cigarettes fast as hell. This is the best cigarette making machine on the market. It is fast and easy to use.”

In the time it takes you to brew a cup of coffee in the morning, you can make fresh cigarettes at home. You can make cigarettes from Natural Tobacco without chemical additives. You won’t be smoking reconstituted tobacco. You can smoke just good tobacco.

Our original warranty was for one year or 30,000 cigarettes. Since we’ve developed experience with the machine, we’ve extended this warranty to an unlimited warranty as long as the user uses our all natural tobaccos. With these tobaccos you can smoke cigarettes with natural tobacco without any chemical additives.

*These machines use an auger to push the tobacco into the tube. They are dangerous and should not be used. The ash will burn your clothes, your furnishings, and your auto. The Revolution Cigarette Machine puts a measured amount of tobacco into each tube and uses the natural characteristics of the tobacco to fill out the tube. The cigarette is like a manufactured cigarette.

  • Return policy

    30 day return policy

  • Warranty

    Manufacture warranty is 1 year or we offer a lifetime warranty for customers that purchase tobacco through us.

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