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Mach 1 Tobacco Shredder - Electric

Mach 1 Tobacco Shredder - Electric


People generally smoke because they decide they get more from smoking than smoking gets from them. You can increase what you get from smoking if your grind your own tobacco.

"Just as Starbucks grinds its coffee beans in the store to make a better cup of coffee, you can ensure freshness and increase your smoking pleasure by shredding your own tobacco leaves just before you enjoy smoking your tobacco."

The Just Good Tobacco shredder allows you the ability to process up to a pound of tobacco per minute. Simply insert your leaves with the mid stem removed and watch the machine get to work. For best results shred tobacco with a moisture content of 17-18%.


  • Return policy

    30 day return policy

  • Warranty

    Manufacture warranty is 1 year or we offer a lifetime warranty for customers that purchase tobacco through us.

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