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Powermatic III - Complete Starter Package

Powermatic III - Complete Starter Package

$864.00 Regular Price
$729.00Sale Price

The Powermatic III Cigarette Machine  $199

Powered Tobacco Shredder $325

12.5lbs of Unmanufactured Tobacco $190

30 cartons of tubes $75

Moisture Meter $25

Storage bucket $60

Everything you need to get started crafting your own cigarettes!

  • Return policy

    Tobacco is only returnable if not used- 30 day return policy

    Tubes are only returnable if cartons are not open-30 day return policy

    Boveda packs are not returnable

    Shredder and Powermatic III are only returnable if in the same packaging and have not been used.- 30 day return policy

    Moisture meter and storage bucket have a 30 day return policy

  • Warranty

    Manufacture warranty on both shredder and powermatic III is 1 year or we offer a lifetime warranty for customers that purchase tobacco through us.

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