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Most smokers smoke factory made cigarettes. Since the major cigarette manufacturers buy most of the tobacco grown, by definition, the tobacco they use is average tobacco. They then dilute the quality of the tobacco even further by adding reconstituted tobacco, expanded tobacco, and an absolute dousing of flavorings and chemical additives. They use humectants and preservatives to prolong the shelf life of cigarettes. This process results in a cigarette with consistent taste, flavor, and smoke. They use chemical magic to try and replace the wualities of natural tobacco. As a result most smokers have lost their appreciation for fresh natural tobacco. 

We are trying to develop this appreciation in our customers. A good natural cigarette does not have additives. It only uses the natural qualities of the tobacco plant. Blending is the critical element.

As our blender says:

"There are so many balances to achieve Flue-Cured versus Burley versus Turkish: harshness versus darkness versus strength, and so on.

To sum it all up: In a perfectly balanced American Blend, no singular component or variety stands out... Perfect Synchronization."

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